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New Amendments to The Civil Resolution Tribunal Act (CRTA)

New Amendments to The Civil Resolution Tribunal Act (CRTA)

The new amendments were introduced last month in March with intentions to improve access to justice by requiring parties who use the justice system to resolve their minor strata and small claims disputes to use the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT), Canada’s first ever online tribunal.

If passed, the CRTA amendments will expand the CRT’s authority by making it the primary avenue for resolution of most strata disputes and many small claims matters. However, parties will retain the right to request that a court hear the matter.

The CRT will focus on encouraging a collaborative, problem-solving approach to dispute resolution and will ensure disputes are resolved in a speedy and cost effective manner. The CRT will be introduced in phases, the first phase being “the Solutions Explorer” set to launch later this year. The second phase will be the "Dispute Resolution Suite" and will be launched following the first phase. The tribunal will be available online 24/7, allowing open access to all British Columbians.

How does this affect stratas & strata decisions?

The original strata CRTA provided a voluntary tribunal, meaning that all parties (expect strata coprorations) must agree to resolve their dispute using the CRT. However, it has been proven that voluntary dispute resolution programs show low uptake and as a result do not improve access to justice or reduce any costs. The new amendments will increase access to justice by making brining all parties to the table to resolve their disputes.

The CRT decisions on strata mallters will be final and in limited circumstances, if a party does not agree with a CRT decision in a strata property dispute, the party may appeal the decisino to the Supreme Court of B.C.

For more information, please visit Civil Resolution BC - 9 Things to Know About The Civil Resolution Tribunal Act (CRTA) Changes

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