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Electrical Safety Tips for the Holiday

The Electrical Safety Foundation International has released a holiday electric safety campaign that promotes electrical safety during the holiday season. 

Here are ESFI’s Top 10 list for Holiday Safety:

  1. Inspect electrical decorations before use.  Check for cracked or damaged sockets and loose or bare wires.  These damages can cause serious shock or fires.
  2. Do not overload electrical outlets.  A common cause of holiday fires is overloading an outlet.  Plug only one high-wattage appliance into each outlet at a time.
  3. Do not connect over 3 strings of incandescent lights.  This action can blow a fuse and lead to a fire.
  4. Dry trees are a major fire hazard.  Avoid Christmas tree fires by watering your tree daily.
  5. Use battery-operated candles.
  6. Ensure combustibles are at minimum 3 feet away from a heat source. 
  7. Avoid cord damage.  Cords should never be pinched by furniture, forced into small spaces, placed under rugs, located near a heat source or attached to sharp objects such as nails or staples.
  8. Check for certification labels on decorations. Decorations could be hazardous if not labeled by an independent testing laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratories, Canadian Standards Association or Intertek. 
  9. Remain in the kitchen when something in cooking.  Unattended cooking equipment is the leading cause of home cooking fires.
  10. Turn off or unplug all decorations when going to sleep or leaving your house. 

For more information on this and other Holiday safety tips, please visit  From all of us at HUB International Coastal, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. 


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