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Archive - 2012

December 28th

Canada's Housing and Construction Market Approaching 2013

As we transition into the new year, the state of Canada's housing and construction market will certainly remain a hot topic. It is particularly important to the construction industry that is dependant on high home sales. Many may have held off on buying and instead, turned to home renovations while anticipating the abolishment of HST on April 1st, 2013. Time will tell but it is without a doubt a complicated issue with many contributing factors.

Family Day at the 2013 Vancouver International Boat Show - February 7 to February 11

The HUB International MARINE Insurance Team wishes you a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to all the boat shows and marine events in Vancouver and we will be kicking off 2013 with the launch of our new sport program (more details to come).

December 27th

Weather Services Survey for Boaters and Others in the Marine Community

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS) and Environment Canada (EC) are inviting those across Canada that are active in the boating/marine community to complete a survey to better understand weather service needs.

To participate in the survey, please click here.

CPS is a national association that provides boating education across Canada including courses for weather prediction and navigation.

Ranger Boats Launches Aluminum Boat Line

Ranger Boats recently announced the launch of their new line of aluminum boats. The lines includes the Tournament Series, designed for fishing, and the versatile Apache Series, made for both anglers and waterfowl hunters. Both Series will be introduced at dealerships and boat shows in January.

Randy Hopper, President of Ranger Boats, expressed that the new line aims to satisfy the needs of boat buyers and anglers seeking premium aluminum fishing boats.

December 20th

Promoting "Chronic Wellness" In The Workplace

Chronic illnesses such as depression, cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes cost organizations big dollars in declining productivity, as well as soaring drug costs and claims for short- and long-term disability. It’s a problem many employers are addressing with an “ounce of prevention” approach, seeking to manage the impact of chronic diseases by improving employee health and wellness.

Canadian Power and Sails Squadron Celebrates 75 Years in Boating Safety

The HUB International MARINE Team extends our warm congratulations to Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons as the organization celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2013!

CPS is a national non-profit association comprised of boating enthusiasts dedicated to improving boating safety through its offering of training courses across Canada. See the CPS website for more information.


Bev Carlson, HUB International MARINE

December 20th

12 Safety Measures That Won't Break The Bank

There are many options that can help enhance safety in a truck, from disc brakes that offer shorter stops to adaptive cruise control systems that maintain specific following distances. Every option comes at a cost, but even the most budget-conscious fleets may be surprised by the difference they can make with a relatively minor investment.

Here are 12 products, enhancements and supplies that can improve truck safety without breaking the bank:

1. Wider Fender Mirrors
2. A Better Mattress
3. Step-Mounted Boot Brush
4. Heat Indicator Bolts

December 17th

Tips to Prevent Cargo & Equipment Theft

Cargo thieves are always looking for easy targets - unlocked gates are easily opened, and dark parking lots offer plenty of places to hide. But these kinds of crooks can often be discouraged by fleets that adopt a few simple crime prevention strategies:

1. Lock Up The Keys
2. Ask Questions When A Deal Seems Too Good To Be True
3. Secure The Fleet Yard As Well As The Trucks
4. Lock And Seal The Trailers
5. Encourage The Buddy System - Someone Should Always Be Watching The Freight
6. Protect Your Identity
7. Review Document Contents And Ensure It Is An Original

Engaging Employees to Help Control Drug Spending

Chronic illnesses cost employers big dollars in declining productivity and soaring drug costs. New drugs may offer more effective treatments for chronic diseases, but many employers wonder how they can afford them.

One key factor in managing drug costs is whether employees share responsibility for controlling drug spending. A 2012 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey suggests employees may take their obligation more seriously than employers think.

Does Your Extended Medical Cover Vaccinations?

Does your extended medical coverage include vaccines? If you’re unsure, you’re not alone. When asked if vaccination coverage is included in their plans, 68% of plans sponsors said yes, according to third-party market research sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Inc. (GSK). However, the TELUS Health Employer Database showed that in 2011, only 45% actually had coverage.


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