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Archive - 2013

December 30th

Code W to Identify Commercial Canadian Drivers Prohibited From Driving in the US

A new “Code W” designation is being enforced for commercial licenses of BC Drivers with certain medical conditions that prevents them from operating commercial vehicles in the US.

A previous article entitled “New Medical Certification Requirements for Commercial Truck Drivers in the US”, mentions that Canadian drivers with a medical condition that have received a waiver from a province or territory are not allowed to drive in the US.

New Medical Certification Requirements for Commercial Truck Drivers in the US

Starting January 30th 2014, commercial truck drivers that operate in the US are required to carry proof of medical certification from a medical examiner.  However, those drivers with Canadian licenses do not have to carry the separate documents.

Canadian licences are considered sufficient proof of medical fitness to drive in the US because the Canadian licensing process for commercial drivers requires passing medical exams.

December 20th

Plan Your Winter Driving with the Help of DriveBC Alerts

With snow and cold weather impacting communities across the province, we'd like to remind you that DriveBC Alerts can help you plan your trips and avoid any major backups and delays on both major and minor routes around BC.

Visit DriveBC to subscribe via e-mail, Twitter and/or RSS feed. You can also access their mobile site at DriveBC Mobile for road conditions, weather updates, BC highway webcams, ferry scheduels and delays, and their Plan Your Route tool.

December 18th

Government of B.C. Announces Happy Hour in B.C.

The Government of B.C. announced today it will begin allowing happy hours in B.C. establishments. The provincial government also added that minors will soon be permitted in pubs to eat with their families.

Previous regulations prohibited B.C. establishments from offering specials on alcoholic beverages during slow business hours. Time-limited drink specials can now be offered as long as they meet minimum drink pricing. 

Holiday Safety Tips for Your Vehicle

With the holiday season in full swing, we'd like to share some advice to keep you and your passengers safe during this time of year:

December 16th

Vancouver Awarded Best Green Building Policy

The City of Vancouver has been awarded the World Green Building Council Government Leadership Award for Best Green Building Policy, presented by the Canada Green Building Council.

Strata Insurance Policies – They’re All the Same, Aren’t They?

Many consumers believe that all strata insurance policies are the same, but nothing could be further from the truth.  There are very significant differences between the products that are available to you.

As we all know, insurance contracts have dozens of pages full of terms and conditions.  It’s in these terms and conditions that the true value of a policy is revealed, as they determine whether or not there is coverage when you have a loss.

December 11th

5 Things NOT To Do In An Accident

How a truck driver responds on the scene of an accident can have a major impact on any claims that follow. It's important to be prepared before you have an accident; here is a list of five things drivers should never do at the scene of an accident:

Patron Awarded Punitive Damages after being Beaten by a Pub Bouncer

The BC Supreme Court, New Westminster Registry, awarded punitive damages to a patron of a pub who was beaten by the pub’s bouncer and other individuals.

The incident took place after the Plaintiff was physically removed from the pub when he attempted to enter with a concealed beer in his cargo shorts.  He was then “seriously beaten” by the defendant bouncer and other individuals.   The Plaintiff suffered various injuries following the assault which he later recovered from.  The defendant bouncer was criminally charged but was later acquitted of the charges.

Law Society Aims to Make Legal Services More Affordable for the Public

The Law Society of B.C. has approved a task force report that says the legal regulator should merge with the Society for Notaries Public of B.C. and expand the use of credentialed paralegals to allow access to legal services to be more affordable for the public. 

“The changes are going to help access to justice tremendously,” said Art Vertlieb, president of the law society. 


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