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British Columbia’s leading solution provider for STRATA Insurance
You get more when you buy from our STRATA specialists at HUB International Coastal Insurance Brokers. You receive the combined power of our vast global resources and solid local relationships. We deliver the solution that makes the most sense for you when it comes to your needs.

Our People

HUB International Coastal Insurance Brokers has its origins in Coastal Insurance Services Ltd., which was founded in Vancouver in 1983. Since its inception, HUB International Coastal has concentrated on employee education, professionalism, and exceptional customer service. Our full time staff of 25, led by Dave Terry, CAIB, has over 360 years of combined experience for our clients to draw upon from our office in Burnaby, B.C.

Our staff is exceptional. We pride ourselves in going that extra mile to ensure that you understand what you're purchasing. Our full time claims manager guides people carefully and professionally through a series of organized steps to assure proper payment of claims. Beyond that, every HUB International Coastal employee understands that an insurance policy is a promise to perform when needed. You can't drive it, eat it, wear it, or show it off and you seldom hear anyone brag about their insurance policy. The only chance we have to "show off" is when you need advice or have a claim. That's what we are here for!

Our Knowledge

As insurance professionals offering complex contractual products that differ so greatly, we believe our experienced recommendations can be of value to you. We believe that as consumers ourselves, we clearly understand the importance of competitive pricing. We also understand that the real cost of insurance is not just the premium, but how the insurer responds, or fails to respond, in the event of a claim.

Moreover, Our People are equipped to deal with the latest trends and developments in STRATA insurance and are committed to giving you the added value of Our Knowledge. Our growth has allowed us to acquire experts in every aspect of Strata Insurance, spanning condominiums, townhomes and, in addition, detached homes. This level of specialization is why we’re the largest supplier of Strata insurance in British Columbia.

We believe in the quotation credited to Edmund Burke in 1774 that:

"Your representative owes you, not only their endeavour, but their judgement; and they betray you instead of serving you if they sacrifice their judgement to your opinion only."

We believe that as Independent Insurance Brokers we represent you at all times. We work for you.


Our People

Your HUB International Coastal Insurance team

Dave Terry

Dave Terry is President of HUB International Insurance Brokers. Dave joined HUB International in 2011 with the merger of Coastal Insurance Brokers and HUB International, and has over 20 years of insurance experience.

Dave’s insurance career began with a large BC lower mainland insurance brokerage with 19 locations, where he gained experience in Commercial Insurance and became part-owner. In 2007 he joined Coastal Insurance Brokers as a partner, where he began to specialize in Strata Insurance and developed a large client base, providing the best coverage and service to property managers and their unit owners. In 2011, Coastal Insurance merged with HUB International, providing strata clients with even more resources and industry clout to ensure the best coverage, service and pricing.

As President, Dave oversees both the sales and operations of the Strata division, working closely with the Strata Industry in BC. Dave is also very active in the insurance industry, having served on the Board of Directors for the Insurance Brokers Association of BC (IBABC), as well as several Insurance Company Broker Councils, and is a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB). He is also personally committed to his community, and is involved with a number of local sports teams and charitable endeavors.

With his extensive experience in both insurance and strata, and his commitment to providing the best coverage and service to his clients, Dave is a trusted and valuable member of the HUB Group of Companies.

Connect with Dave:
(604) 269-1711
Sarah Thompson
Manager, Strata Division

Sarah Thompson is Manager, Strata Division for HUB International Insurance Brokers. Sarah joined HUB International in 2012, and has 15 years of experience in the insurance industry.

Sarah’s career began with her family’s insurance brokerage, where she developed her skills in Personal Insurance while finishing high school and completing university. In 2002, Sarah moved to the insurance carrier side of the business when she joined a large Canadian insurance company as a Commercial Auto Assistant. She was quickly promoted to Commercial Property Underwriter, followed by Business Development Advisor, before accepting the position of Business Development Account Executive with a larger, multinational insurance company. In 2012, Sarah returned to the broker side of the business as Underwriting Manager with HUB International, accepting her current position as Manager, Strata Division in 2014.

As Manager of HUB’s Strata Division, Sarah oversees the general operations of the division’s employees, as well as managing and supporting the division’s sales team. Sarah works with HUB’s insurance partners to ensure the products we provide to our clients are competitive and meet their coverage needs.

In addition to her career accomplishments, Sarah has also been recognized for her educational and professional achievements. She received the Brian Greenslade Scholarship in 2002, and holds an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Insurance and Risk Management from Wilfrid Laurier University. Sarah is also a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) and a Canadian Risk Manager (CRM). She is actively involved in the insurance community as the Career Connections Ambassador for the Insurance Institute of BC, and is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Squamish 50-Mile Ultramarathon.

Connect with Sarah:
(604) 269-1732
Anna Bowman
Manager, Strata Claims

Anna Bowman is Manager, Strata Claims for HUB International Insurance Brokers. Anna joined Coastal Insurance Brokers in 1997, which became part of the HUB Group of Companies in 2011. Her experience in the insurance industry spans 28 years.

Anna began her career as a Claims Clerk with a large national insurance company, where she also held the position of Telephone Claims Adjuster, as well as Claims Examiner. In 1997, Anna transitioned to the broker side of the insurance business when she joined Coastal Insurance Brokers.

As Manager of Strata Claims, Anna is a claims advocate for HUB International’s strata clients. She works closely with adjusters and examiners, as well as our clients, to ensure that any claims issues are dealt with promptly and fairly. As Manager, Anna also produces a number of different reports for Account Managers to assist them with their clients’ renewals.

In addition to her responsibilities as Manager of Strata Claims, Anna is also on the committee for our HUB Gives initiative, a charitable and community-giving program that allows HUB employees the opportunity to donate their time and service to community projects.

As a testament to the dedication and support she displays to both clients and fellow employees, Anna was nominated for HUB’s Employee of the Year Award in 2011. Her experience and integrity ensure she is a valued member of the HUB Group of Companies.

Connect with Anna:
(604) 269-1713


For claims contact 604.269.1010. 

For after hours claims contact 1.866.55.COAST (1.866.552.6278).

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